General Education Requirements

The UA General Education FAQ page includes links to course lists and descriptions. The information below, addresses specific General Education requirements as they apply to Engineering students.

Tier One

There are two categories in the Tier One requirements – Traditions and Cultures and Individuals and Society. Students must complete at least two classes within each category.

Traditions and Cultures – Students must take two of the following:

  • TRAD 101 = 160A – Non-Western Cultures and Civilizations
  • TRAD 102 = 160B – Western Cultures and Civilizations: Classical to Renaissance
  • TRAD 103 = 160C – Western Cultures and Civilizations: Renaissance to Present
  • TRAD 104 = 160D – Topics in Culture and Civilization

Individuals and Societies – Students must take two of the following:

  • INDV 101 = 150A – Mind, Self, and Language
  • INDV 102 = 150B – Social Interaction and Relationships
  • INDV 103 = 150C – Societal and Institutional Systems

See Tier One Course Descriptions for more information. 

Natural Science (170) is not required for Engineering degrees. It is met by requirements in the majors.


Tier Two

Individuals and Societies – 1 course (3 units)

Arts or Humanities – 1 course (3 units)

See Tier Two Course Descriptions for more information.

Second Language is not required for Engineering degrees.


Diversity Emphasis Requirement
Students are required to complete one course that focuses on studies in gender, race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation or non-Western areas. This can be fulfilled through an appropriate Tier One or Tier Two course, as indicated in the Academic Program Requirements Report for your degree program. All TRAD 101 courses are non-Western in focus and satisfy this requirement. There are also Tier Two courses in Individuals and Societies as well as Arts and Humanities that satisfy this requirement. Please confirm the diversity emphasis designation in the course descriptions. 


Transfer Coursework

New, Incoming Freshmen
Incoming freshmen with dual enrollment course credits, IB or AP credits, who have submitted official transcripts, will find the coursework has been included in the Transfer Credit Report in their UAccess account. If the courses are not populating the correct General Education requirements fields in the Advisement Report, please email Please make the subject line “General Education Review,” and include in the body of the email your name, student ID number and major or intended major.

Students in the Honors College have additional options for general education courses.

New, Incoming In-State Transfer Students
Students with AGEC – Arizona General Education Curriculum – certification, have completed their General Education requirements.

If you did not request a General Education review per the instructions in your Next Steps/Transfer Student Academic Preview, email the College General Education adviser at Please make the subject line “Transfer General Education Review,” and include in the body of the email your name, student ID number and major or intended major.

Incoming Out-of-State Transfer Students
Out-of-state students transferring college-level credit must have non-engineering courses – with the exception of General Education humanities and liberal arts classes – evaluated by their respective departments. For more information, visit:

Math Transfer Credit

English Transfer Credit

Chemistry Transfer Credit

Physics Transfer Credit

You will be required to submit catalog descriptions and detailed syllabi. The syllabi must list the topics covered each week, the textbooks used and the number of contact hours each week. 


Transferring General Education Courses from Other Institutions

Prior Approval Advised
Engineering students planning to enroll in general education courses at other colleges and universities are strongly encouraged to obtain prior approval from the College adviser (Engineering Advising Center, Engineering Building, Room 104). Doing so will ensure the selected transfer courses will apply toward the general education requirements of the student’s engineering degree program. Please recognize that general education courses at other college and universities may not suitably satisfy the general education requirements of the University of Arizona. Through prior consultation with the College of Engineering adviser, students can confidently select transfer courses that will fulfill general education requirements relevant to the student’s engineering degree program.

Verifying Transferability
Students taking courses at universities or community colleges outside of Arizona, please complete the University’s Transfer Pre-Approval form. The UA Office of the Registrar determines transferability, not the College of Engineering. However, the College of Engineering can advise you on how transferable general education courses will (or won’t) satisfy degree requirements.

Selecting Courses
To determine which general education courses you need to satisfy degree requirements, first generate an Advisement Report in your UAccess account. The Advisement Report offers two views; many students prefer the PDF option. Next, using the course descriptions found on the Tier One and Tier Two links, choose similar classes at the outside institution. Email your selections to Using your UA email account, please include your name, student ID number, current major, course title and description.

Students taking courses at institutions in the State of Arizona system of Higher Education, may find the AZTransfer Course Equivalency Guide helpful in confirming whether courses are transferable as general education courses. Many courses have been coded to fulfill specific requirements. Prior approval is still advisable, but the Course Equivalency Guide should make selection of appropriate courses more straightforward. You will also be able to use the Course Equivalency Guide to look up the equivalencies for English, math and science courses.