Creative Thought, Deeper Understanding

The University of Arizona’s Honors College is a place where scholars come together around ideas and make lasting connections with other like-minded individuals, including prestigious faculty and dedicated staff.

The College’s Honors program nurtures and supports outstanding students by providing challenging courses with opportunities for creative thought and deeper understanding of engineering principles.


Honors College

Program Benefits

Among the benefits of the Honors program are the following:

  • Smaller, more intellectually challenging classes
  • Priority registration
  • Dedicated residence halls: Yuma and Arbol de la Vida
  • Extended library privileges -- the same as graduate students
  • Special research grants and scholarships
  • Wide range of enriching cultural activities
  • Advising for nationally competitive scholarships
  • Degree distinction with honors

Meet the Research Challenge

Undergraduate research is fun, sometimes frustrating, usually quite stimulating, and may lead to work that is published in scholarly journals. A chance to get hands-on experience in engineering, research makes classwork more interesting and relevant. Some undergraduate research positions are paid, and some are for credit. Research experience broadens opportunities in industry and for graduate school.

Your Start in Engineering Honors

In this two-semester freshman Engineering course, which carries two units of Honors credit (one per semester), Honors students learn about the kinds of skills engineers need, what the engineering workplace is all about, and the work engineers do in a variety of fields. Students tour campus Engineering facilities -- from the wind tunnels to the microelectronics clean room. Guest speakers from the campus and industry provide insight into the exciting and challenging projects engineers tackle every day. In short, the course provides a firm basis for deciding what kind of engineer you want to be.

Students can earn three units of Honors credit by taking this Introduction to Engineering course, which is part of the College’s freshman curriculum.

Meet the Research Challenge


There is no separate application for initial consideration for the Honors College; it is included with the regular UA application. Students are considered for Honors admission as long as they have submitted a completed UA application, official high school transcripts, an official SAT and/or ACT score; paid the application fee or submitted a waiver; checked the box indicating Honors interest, and submitted an Honors essay as part of the UA application. Notification of acceptance into the UA Honors College is included in the UA Office of Admissions acceptance letter.

Current UA students must have a grade point average of 3.5 or better to be considered for admission to the Honors College.

Specific requirements for transfer students from a community college or four-year institution typically include the following: Students entering Honors with 60 or more units need to complete 18 units of Honors credit at the UA; students entering with 30 to 60 units need 24 units of Honors credit, and students entering with fewer than 30 units need 30 units of credit. Please call 520.621.6901 and schedule an appointment with an Honors academic advisor to confirm how many Honors units you will need.