Taking Care of Business

Engineering Research Administration Services helps faculty researchers seek internal and external financial support. ERAS’ comprehensive services (download) enable investigators to spend the bulk of their efforts on technical proposals and associated research. Services extend to Engineering departments and sponsors as well as other units on campus.


Engineering Research Administration Services


Your Proposal Submission Starts Here

If you need research administration assistance, please contact eras@engr.arizona.edu. If you are considering submitting a proposal, please reach out as soon as possible and include the sponsor solicitation or announcement and any other pertinent information.

Essential Information for Research Proposal Development

The UA’s Research Gateway provides research development support to all UA faculty seeking extramural funding, from strategic advising and proposal support to workshops and training.

Among the services you will find on the Research Gateway are the following:

  • Funding Opportunities: Locate the sources of external and internal funding, seed grants and incubators, fellowships, and early career funding.
  • Research Announcements: Stay in the loop via weekly announcements about recently released and upcoming funding opportunities from multiple funding sources, including federal, international and foundation funders.
  • Limited Solicitations Calendar: Find out which funding programs limit applications, and whether you are eligible.
  • Proposal Development: Get strategic advice and practical tips on writing proposals, including how to develop an overall research plan.
  • Seminars and Workshops: Find out the best way to work with DARPA program managers, prepare for NSF Career grants, secure a summer stipend, and more.

ERAS Contacts

Tammie Brown

Laurie Clark

Research Administrator

Wendy Turner

Tiffany Gregory

Senior Research Administrator

Jessica Godard

Jessica Helbling

Senior Research Administrator

Wendy Turner

Wendy Turner

Interim Director, ERAS
Senior Research Administrator

Wendy Turner

Jason Von Fange

Senior Research Administrator



ERAS is under the purview of the Dean’s Office and reports to the assistant dean for research development.