The Art of Management Meets the Science of Engineering

Engineering management prepares students for leadership roles in high-tech industries. Undergraduates gain business skills and engineering design knowledge while also focusing on one of the College’s other majors to position themselves for careers in various industries.

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Engineering Management

UA engineering management graduates have gone on to work for such companies as ExxonMobil, General Dynamics, Raytheon and Trane.

Academic Focus Areas

Students are steeped in all aspects of business management, including human resource, project and construction management; financial modeling; communications; and marketing and sales. Students learn to translate customer needs into new technologies and to foster international ties for success in the global economy.

Research Opportunities

  • Cost estimation and optimization
  • Human factors engineering
  • Supply chain management
  • Computer integrated manufacturing
  • Data management

Engineering Management Program

Outside the Classroom

All seniors participate in one of the following: Capstone 498 Course, capstone internship or McGuire entrepreneurship. In the yearlong ENGR 498, teams take company- or campus-supported projects from concept to creation. Seniors opting to complete entrepreneurships move early-stage ideas to investor-ready business ventures, complete with market analyses, detailed financials and rollout plans. Students doing capstone internships work in industry on practical projects and present outcomes to faculty and peers.

Career Paths

Engineering management graduates are working as project managers, factory managers, construction managers, quality engineers, reliability engineers, and sales and marketing professionals. Some go on to launch their own high-tech firms.


Engineering Management Degree