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The Catapult Engineering Success Program is part of ENGAGED. It lends to a strong first-year academic and social foundation. It helps students persist through the engineering curriculum, thrive in the college community, and strengthen their Wildcat Engineering connections.

The program creates peer networks, provides extra support for challenging courses, and designates one-on-one peer mentors. These resources help you succeed not only in your first year but also as you transition from undeclared engineering major to one of the college’s 16 undergraduate degree programs and throughout your academic journey.

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Student Perspectives

Peer Network

Students at the same levels in math enroll in at last two core classes together to form groups, or networks, of peers. Classmates study and work together across the engineering curriculum and help one another learn and master concepts that become the building blocks of engineering.

Following are the core courses included in the peer networks.

Specialized Classes

Key to the Catapult program are its one- or two-credit academic success classes.

They provides opportunities for students to explore resources in the college and at the university, get extra practice on specific content areas, and develop advanced strategies for achieving high-level mastery in core engineering courses. Fall success classes are determined by peer network. Then Catapult students come together in one class in the spring to further integrate academic planning, extracurricular involvement and long-term goals.

One-on-One Mentors

Throughout your first year, a dedicated and trained peer mentor will help you learn study and coping strategies to overcome challenges and navigate the University of Arizona system.

Mentors also plan events to connect students with one another, industry professionals and faculty.


Faculty, Industry Engagement

Because the first year of the engineering curriculum is predominantly in departments outside the college, extracurricular settings where students spend time with engineering faculty members and industry partners are especially important.

Attend dinners with engineering professionals and and professors, faculty talks and mentoring sessions, all focused on helping you gain perspective and know-how to progress toward your academic and professional goals. 

Note: These events will be presented digitally during COVID-19 owing to social distancing guidelines.

Leadership Preparation

Start growing your professional portfolio in Catapult! Learn about on-campus employment, engineering internships and jobs, and undergraduate research.

Many Catapult students become peer mentors, Engineering Ambassadors, Summer Engineering Academy counselors, and leaders in other clubs and other organizations. They also work in various offices and labs at the university.


For more information about the Catapult Engineering Success Program, call 520.626.3990 or email