ENGineering Access, Greater Equity and Diversity

ENGAGED is all about welcoming you into a like-minded academic community, helping you succeed, and valuing your contributions to making the world a better place.

  • A group of classmates who share your aspirations
  • Workshops, internships and hands-on projects geared to your interests
  • Peer and professional mentors
  • Dedicated student advising and regular check-ins

"The UA College of Engineering is committed to making a quality engineering education accessible to students from all backgrounds and to supporting your success throughout your academic journey, and beyond."
David W. Hahn, Craig M. Berge Dean

Mentoring, Friends, Job Connections…Success


First-Year Experience

The Catapult Engineering Success Program lends to a strong first-year academic and social foundation. It helps students persist through the engineering curriculum, thrive in the college community, and strengthen Wildcat Engineering connections.

The program creates peer networks, provides extra support for challenging courses, and designates one-on-one peer mentors. These resources help you succeed not only in your first year but also as you transition from undeclared engineering major to one of the college’s 16 undergraduate degree programs.

You'll also grow your professional portfolio and learn about on-campus employment, engineering internships and jobs, and undergraduate research.

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Summer TRACK

Your Roadmap to Success

After your first academic year, you can begin taking summer courses such as PHYS 141 and professional skills and career preparedness classes such as ENGR 297. These will help you advance through the foundational curriculum, get set for your engineering courses, and develop your identity as an engineer. As part of ENGR 297, industry professionals share their company and career experiences with students.

We’re accepting applications starting now, with priority review going to students who apply before February 14th.

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Research, Engineering Advocacy, and Leadership

REAL Work provides paid undergraduate research and research-related work for students as early as their sophomore year. Students gain the benefits of faculty mentors, a community of undergraduate research peers, and professional development that help build connections from research projects to long-term career goals.

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Note: Due by April 30, 2022, for consideration in 2022-2023 program.

Peer Mentors

Belonging and Leadership

Mentors are key to the ENGAGED program. As part of the Catapult program, peer mentors – sophomores, juniors and seniors – provide support in a number of areas.

  • Help with academics
  • Introductions to club activities
  • Hosting of social gatherings with students, faculty, staff, alumni and professionals
  • Development of leadership skills

After your first year, you can opt to mentor other students in ENGAGED.

Early-Career Mentors

Professional Support

Professionals early in their careers, many alumni of the college, provide second- and third-year students support around academics and career preparation. These mentors were undergraduates not long ago, still figuring out their own paths, and can give relevant advice on classes, work involvement and career opportunities. If you have questions about your path to becoming an engineer, chances are they can help with the answers.

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Note: Applications are considering on a rolling basis.

For more information about ENGineering Access, Greater Equity, and Diversity (ENGAGED), please call 520.626.3990 or email

ENGAGED Leadership

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Noel Hennessey


Noel Hennessey
Director, ENGAGED

Kathleen Melde

Kathleen Melde

Kathleen Melde
Associate Dean for
Faculty Affairs & Inclusion

Jim Baygents


Jim Baygents
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

David W. Hahn

David W.

David W. Hahn
Craig M. Berge Dean, College of Engineering