The final degree audit is a required process for ensuring degree requirements have been met before graduation. Request to complete degree requirements must be submitted the semester prior to the student’s expected graduation date – in the fall semester for spring graduation or in the spring semester for summer and fall graduation.

Please follow these three steps to complete the UA College of Engineering Final Degree Audit:


  • Go to UAccess Student Center, under Academic Record, click on Academic Summary, click on Apply for Graduation (see below) and complete the prompts.


  • All students with 75+ units have previously received an email with a link to the “College of Engineering Survey of Graduating Seniors”. The link is sent by Heather Moore of the College of Engineering

  • The link is specific to each student’s email address and an expiration date is automatically attached to the survey

  • If the student cannot locate the email that was previously sent, is unable to activate the survey, or needs a new link because the survey has expired or the email is lost/deleted, students may request a new survey be sent to them via email at

  • Complete the Graduating Senior Survey thoroughly and thoughtfully, which should only take about 10 minutes. Once the student submits the survey, a confirmation email is sent and needs to be saved.

  • Once finished with the Graduating Senior Survey, students shall request their final degree audit worksheet, aka their “pink sheet”.



  • Contact to request the final degree audit work sheet. Students must attach or forward the Survey of Graduating Seniors confirmation page email to them, and include their student ID number along with their pink sheet request.

  • Once the Academic Affairs Office verifies the survey confirmation and the student ID number, an engineering staff person will forward the final degree audit sheet to the student’s academic advisor. If completing two engineering degrees concurrently, audit sheets are forward to both academic advisors.

  • Academic Advisors will contact students to setup an appointment via Zoom, phone or other means of communication to complete final degree process.

  • Please Note: Students must review their Student Academic Advisement Report along with their advisor to ensure all degree requirements are satisfied.

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