ENGR 498 Enrollment Requirements

Only UA seniors with advanced standing in the College of Engineering who have met the prerequisite and corequisite requirements for their degree programs can enroll in ENGR 498A.

Undergraduate Degree Program

Prerequisite Course(s)

Corequisite Course(s)*

Biomedical Engineering BME 330  
Biosystems Engineering   BE 496A
Chemical Engineering CHEE 303, 326 CHEE 420
Electrical & Computer Engineering ECE 320A ECE 372A
Engineering Management SIE 305 SIE 454A or SIE 457 or SIE 431
Environmental Engineering CHEE 476A, 476B  
Industrial Engineering SIE 305 SIE 410A or SIE 431
Materials Science & Engineering MSE 222, 223R, 345, 365  
Mechanical Engineering Must have completed two of the following three courses:
AME 324B, AME/BME 331, AME 352
Mining Engineering ** MNE 436, MNE 438
Optical Sciences & Engineering OPTI 201R, 201L, 202R, 202L, 280, 340, 380A, 380B OPTI 306, 421
Systems Engineering SIE 305 SIE 454A or SIE 457 or SIE 431


*Please note that ENGR 498A Corequisites serve as Prerequisites for ENGR 498B.

** Consultation with Major Advisor required


In addition to the above pre-requisites and co-requisites, students must have completed all lower division course work required for Advanced Standing.

Students whose major GPA is below 2.0 may be required to meet with the Associate Dean of Engineering prior to beginning the class.

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