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A top-tier research university. Collaborative learning environments. Elite, engaged faculty. A diverse campus environment. Real-world applications.

These are the tools you need to excel. Arizona’s Franke Honors College provides a home for dedicated engineering students to thrive.

Honors College

Franke Honors Benefits

  • Priority class registration
  • Exclusive scholarships and grants
  • Advanced research opportunities
  • Industry internships and contacts
  • Smaller classes
  • Interdisciplinary electives
  • Study abroad options and honors societies
  • Degree distinction with honors

First-Year Foundations

First-year Franke Honors engineers build their fundamental knowledge with rigorous courses specific to the engineering program and curriculum. You’ll be enrolled in introductory Honors coursework, such as the First Year Seminar, general education, and the Introduction to Engineering (ENGR 102A/B) with your Franke Honors peers.

Living and Learning in the Honors Village

Franke Honors engineers can choose to live in themed residence halls, such as Cambium STEM Scholars, where classrooms and community spaces are one. In these communities, you’ll have access to exclusive courses and faculty mentors are available to provide regular guidance. Seminars and the Honors First-Year Project will guide you to publish your undergraduate research. You’ll also make life-long friends from a small cohort of peers.

Academic Requirements

Franke Honors engineers who take the Engineering 498 Interdisciplinary Capstone can apply their senior project to fulfill the honors thesis requirement. Students in the College of Engineering have a unique set of honors requirements which includes receiving seven units of honors credit for design work in their major. Franke Honors engineers may fulfill a   total of 12 honors credits through a contract, which includes engineering coursework. Franke Honors graduation policies are noted here.

Scholarships & Awards

Franke Honors students have access to exclusive scholarships and research grants.

Thomas R. Brown Distinguished Scholars
Made possible by the generosity of the Thomas R. Brown Foundations, these scholarships are awarded to select incoming National Scholars – National Merit, National Hispanic and National Achievement scholars, National African American, Indigenous, and Rural and Small Town Scholars – who apply for the award and display excellence in academic and extracurricular endeavors.

National Scholar Awards
Incoming National Merit Scholars, National Hispanic Scholars,National African American, Indigenous, and Rural and Small Town Scholars in the College of Engineering are automatically eligible to receive renewable scholarship money, in addition to their scholarship package from the University of Arizona. National Scholars are automatically admitted to the Franke Honors College; no application is required.

Da Vinci Scholarships
Thanks to the generosity of da Vinci Circle members, the College of Engineering awards on average 10 da Vinci scholarships each year to exceptional students.

Franke Honors College Scholarships and Grants
The University of Arizona Honors College supports students as they seek to enhance their undergraduate experience through study abroad, research, professional conferences and summer internships.


Recognition for Franke Honors Engineers

Dean’s List
The dean and faculty of the college proudly recognize students whose academic achievements merit special distinction.

Honors Convocation
Each fall, the college honors students who achieved excellence in the previous academic year. The ceremony includes a full reception for family and friends.

Applying to the W.A. Franke Honors College at the University of Arizona

In 2021, nearly 35% of incoming Wildcat engineers were also admitted to the Honors College.

Ready to become a member of the next generation of scholars? Learn how to apply to the Franke Honors College as an incoming first-year or transfer student here.

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