Engineering Blast Off with New Start

Incoming engineering first year students are invited to take part in our new summer bridge program: Engineering Blast Off with New Start. At the end of the summer, you’ll be one semester further along in your math classes, have design experience and career previews, get a head start on campus life, and a solid group of friends in engineering. Engineering students will benefit from all New Start has to offer, as well as participate in elements unique to the College of Engineering at no additional cost, and students who complete the program will earn a $250 scholarship from the College of Engineering. Check out what a typical week in Engineering Blast Off looks like below.


Engineering Blast-Off Sample Schedule

Learn as a Community in Linked Courses (Math and HED 297a)

Take your first semester of math and a college transition class together with a group of your engineering peers. Any engineering student will tell you that challenging classes become easier with the help of your classmates, so students in Blast Off will take both of their New Start classes with a group of their engineering peers.

Engineering Design

Get hands-on experience with engineering design challenges in our new engineering design makerspace. You’ll have an opportunity to explore coding, Aruduino projects, 3D printing, AutoCAD, and more. Our activities will help you identify end user needs and create solutions through the design process.

Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction

Work together with your peers, undergraduate tutors, and engineering graduate students to finish homework and master subjects together through supplemental tutoring and instruction. Supplemental instruction (SI) is an opportunity to review concepts in depth and through an applied engineering lens to understand how math relates to the engineering process. Tutors can help you complete your homework and study for exams. Both tutoring and SI will get you in the habit of studying effectively in college.


Engineering Blast-Off classroom


Engineering Career Field Trips

Join some of the engineering sophomores in Summer TRACK on their Career Excursions. Spend Tuesdays on campus learning about professional skills and Thursdays on site seeing engineers in action.

Social Events

College isn’t just about studying, so relax and have fun with your classmates! Between Engineering Blast Off and New Start, you’ll have the opportunity to attend social events in the evenings throughout the summer.

Ready to apply?

Apply for New Start and indicate that you are interested in Engineering Blast Off. This opportunity is only for students admitted to the College of Engineering for the Fall 2023 semester. If you are not currently admitted to the College of Engineering, please fill out the Change of College application

Apply for New Start > Change of College >


Engineering Blast-Off with New Start
For more information about New Start, please call 520.626.3990 or email